The PVLSE is a literary journal developed from Inkwell’s Youth Writing Project. It is a bi-monthly magazine produced by a student-led team aiming to represent and express the thoughts of their age through through writing and the arts. They encourage writers, artists, and photographers from all international and local high schools to submit both nonfiction and fictional works related to youth culture and expression.

We hope that you enjoy reading, and if you’re a high school writer, then we hope that you will consider submitting to future issues of PVLSE.

Issue 6

You can download Issue six here: The PVLSE Issue 6 (Spring 2023)

Issue 5

You can download Issue five here: The PVLSE Issue 5 (Winter 2023)

Issue 4

You can download Issue four here: The PVLSE Issue 4 (Autumn 2022)

Issue 3

You can download Issue three here: The PVLSE Issue 3 (Summer 2022)

Issue 2

You can download Issue two here: The PVLSE Issue 2

Issue 1

You can download Issue one here: The PVLSE Issue 1

Or, if you are located outside of America or have access to a VPN, then you can enjoy the live flipbook here.


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