Inkwell Xiamen

Are you a Writer, a Reader, or Both?

We welcome you join Inkwell Xiamen’s first workshop on June 18, 2022.

Guanren Community Centre Library 14:00-16:00. Guanren road no 1 官任路1号(官任社区居委会)

What is it?

An official affiliate of Inkwell China who have been running workshops for 8 years!

We will meet twice a month. Once a month on island & once off the island (Jimei TBC. Around July 2). You can attend one or both!

There will be prompts and different themes for each workshop.  Each workshop will last around two hours. The workshop functions as a feedback, critiquing, and Q&A session for your pieces of writing.

Whether you write just for fun or have ambitions to get published in magazines or journals, we hope Inkwell Xiamen will provide a safe space to improve and develop your writing. As an affiliate of Inkwell, we can also submit to Inkwell’s 愿景 journal.

Who is it for?

Wannabe writers, novice novelists, and any adults with an interest in fiction, non-fiction, and literature writing. Everyone is required to be a reader and provide feedback, so if you don’t want to write for every workshop, you are more than welcome as a reader.


Register – Inkwell Xiamen (You will need to wait for HQ to approve your application).

  • Once you have received a confirmation email-

Find the Forum for Inkwell Xiamen- Locate National Flash Fiction Day (June 18th, 2022) Forum.

Use the space there to post ONE Flash Fiction piece and any questions you would like the reader to consider for the feedback. (Flash Fiction 100-200 words*). These should all be submitted by June 15.

In the future, you can submit longer pieces up to 2000 words.

  • Download/ Read the other pieces. They will all be submitted by June 15, at the latest. Please do not write any feedback in the Forum yet. It is a good idea to read the Feedback Guidelines from the writer and make some notes to bring along to the workshop.


*Stuck for ideas for your first Flash piece? Here are some prompts you can use-

  1. ‘New Beginnings’ – show your character on the first day of a new job/experience/planet.
  2. ‘Xiamen Nights’ – tell a tale of a challenge faced on the mean streets of Xiamen.
  3. ‘The Greatest Love of All’ – Love can mean many things, what does it mean to you?


On the day!

Everyone will have (hopefully) read the pieces on the Inkwell Xiamen Forum.

As this will be our first meeting, we will spend some time to discuss workshop structure and what you can expect from the Inkwell Xiamen workshops.

Each piece will have an allotted amount of time for discussion. During the initial discussion of the piece, the writer is not allowed to interrupt or ask questions. Towards the end of the discussion, the writer is invited to ask questions and can ask for further details if they are still unsure about anything.

Critiques of the writing focus only on the writing – the theme, topic, characters, plot, dialogue etc. Hopefully the writer leaves with a good idea of how their writing was received and with some clear ideas for improving it.


We welcome writers of all levels of experience! We accept all nationalities, but the workshop is conducted in English.


Any questions?

Add Sam on WeChat. 18559677010 & Sign up at

You will then be added to the Inkwell Xiamen WeChat group.

Follow China Official Inkwell on WeChat- “The Inkwell”