Inkwell Nanjing

9月 9, 2021 通过 Inkwell_Admin
As Inkwell continues to grow, we have decided to launch Inkwell Nanjing. As a partner organization, they will be able to better serve the literary community of Nanjing and continue Inkwell’s mission of creating better writers, developing a literary community, and offering educational opportunities to both writers and the general public.
Inkwell Nanjing will be led by Morgan Gallup Zhu and Felix Campbell. Morgan has lived in Nanjing for 15 years. She was a Director and Consultant in the Translation and Localization Industry for 9 years. During that time she was a regular conference speaker and writer for industry publications. She wrote about technology, global marketing, and innovative Chinese teams. Morgan is currently taking time off from the corporate world to focus on her creative writing projects, mostly science fiction, and parenting a 3 year old. Felix Campbell is an English teacher in Nanjing who has a keen interest in the emotive. He writes mainly fiction, and dabbles in poetry. In the former he prefers psychological, historical novel and fantasy genres, and in the latter, he is most excited by assonance, alliteration and extended rhyme. Inkwell Nanjing meets at Finnegan’s Wake, 6 Xinanli Block, 400 South Zhongshan Road, 中山南路400号熙南里街区6号(升洲路口. Participants can bring in fiction and nonfiction that they are working on and get it read by other members for the workshop. Please try to keep submissions to around 2500 words. To join the WeChat, add Ry at texaswriter, and he will get you added to the group. If you’re interested in starting an affiliate Inkwell in your city, please contact Ry (Texaswriter) for more details. Prompts, lesson plans, and publicity materials can be provided to help you start your Inkwell successfully. 如果你也希望在自己的城市里创建同盟协会,请与Ry(Texaswriter)沟通了解详情。我们将会提供指导、课程计划以及宣传资料来帮助你顺利开展协会创建工作。
The Inkwell is a non-profit literary organization dedicated to hosting educational and literary events and developing the talents of writers. Inkwell是一家致力于举办教育和文学活动、培养作家人才的非营利性文学组织。