Start an Inkwell

Inkwell is always looking for help in expanding its mission of creating quality, free literary education for both writers and the general public.

Currently there are affiliate organizations in several cities, but we are always happy to talk to people who are interested in setting up a new workshop.

What does it take to start a workshop? Not much, really. All you need is a few friends, and Inkwell will help advise you on how to grow, manage your group, and give you advice and workshop materials. All new Inkwell leaders will have a chat with the other heads of the workshop, and we are looking for people who are knowledgeable about writing and literature and responsible enough to manage a group of people and follow through administration tasks.

What are the other benefits of being in the workshop? The workshop has access to publishers, agents, and exclusive calls from publishers who are interested in working with a large group of writers. In addition, they have access to the workshop’s various initiatives, a large network of other writers, and the ability to submit to our published anthologies. Also, the Inkwell’s massive database of prompts and writing activities are accessible to affiliate organizations.

Please contact Ry, WeChat ID is texaswriter, if you are interested in starting a new Inkwell in your city.