Inkwell Ningbo

2021年2月6日 通过 Inkwell_Admin

As Inkwell continues to grow, we have decided to launch Inkwell Ningbo. As a partner organization, they will be able to better serve the literary community of Ningbo and continue Inkwell’s mission of creating better writers, developing a literary community, and offering educational opportunities to both writers and the general public.

Lin will be co-heading the Inkwell Ningbo. He is a Ningbo native, and spent several years studying in America. He went to Parsons in New York City and studied graphic design for his undergraduate studies. Once there, he took several liberal arts courses, which developed his interest in history, literature, and music.

Lin continues to write regularly, and he likes to write lyrics for songs as well as stories. His favorite topics include historical figures, famous stories, and stories from his personal life. He is a big fan of folk music, singer-songwriters, and traditional ballads.

Jane Nicola Douglas, co-head of Inkwell Ningbo, is originally from the UK. Douglas was instinctively drawn to music at a young age. She went on to receive a Music Degree at Middlesex University in London, followed by a Master’s in Music Therapy at Cambridge. 

Now, Douglas enjoys traveling (when she can) and jamming out to her own lyrics. Douglas draws inspiration from Nina Simone and her latest album, Railtrack, was recorded at Sky Production Studios, Hong Kong and produced by Graeme Holdaway.

Inkwell Ningbo meets at Better Coffee (Yinzhou Branch), Tianjing Alley No. 58. Participants can bring in fiction and nonfiction that they are working on and get it read by other members for the workshop. Please try to keep submissions to around 2000 words. To join the WeChat, add Ry at texaswriter, and he will get you added to our group.

If you’re interested in starting an affiliate Inkwell in your city, please contact Ry (Texaswriter) for more details. Prompts, lesson plans, and publicity materials can be provided to help you start your Inkwell successfully.


The Inkwell is a non-profit literary organization dedicated to hosting educational and literary events and developing the talents of writers. Inkwell是一家致力于举办教育和文学活动、培养作家人才的非营利性文学组织。