The Inkwell is an entirely non-profit entity, so all of our workshops, publications, and readings are free and staffed by selected Inkwell members. These people make Inkwell function and help build an exceptional literary community in Shanghai. If you need to contact any of them, please send an email addressed to that particular Inkwell member at submissions@inkwell.asia.

General Director


Ryan is an associate teaching professor at the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University and director of its writing program. He publishes regularly, and his book, 教学第二语言创意写作, was published by Routledge in 2021. His trilogy of novels 柳树,阿卡狄亚午夜和守望者 was published in 2023 from Aethon Books.




Daisy (Wanwan) is a cultural critic and a creative writer. With a Ph.D. in comparative literature, she now teaches at a university in Beijing. She has published academic reviews, essays, stories, and poetry. Inkwell Beijing is happy to host writers and artists from all over the world, if you are interested, you may reach her via writeriddle@163.com(email) or writeriddle1996 (WeChat). 


Darcie Flansburg


Darcie Flansburg loves teaching rhetoric, writing, and the occasional yoga class. She is an English Language and Literature teacher with a fondness for writing poetry and memoirs. A former journalist and thespian she has published many news, arts, and academic articles, as well as poems in a few Lit Mags. She has an MA in English rhetoric, composition, and digital media studies, and hopes to eventually earn an MFA in nonfiction creative writing. You can find her on Wechat or Instagram @MsFlansburg

Kuala Lumpur 

Hussin Alkeder


Hussin Alkeder’s life journey spans Damascus, Dubai, and Shanghai, immersing him in diverse cultures. His quest for understanding led him to study Psychology in Kuala Lumpur, reflecting intellectual curiosity and a passion for exploring the human mind. His life’s odyssey promises to captivate readers with its rich cultural tapestry. 


Felix Campbell 


Felix teaches advanced creative writing, critical thinking and psychology at Nanjing Foreign Language School. In writing, he enjoys learning and growing in writing skill in group settings, with fellow writers or with students. He loves wordplay, high fantasy, and emotive creativity. He is currently studying philosophy at Madingley Hall.





Morgan is an American who has lived in Nanjing since 2007. She has published several of her short stories in The Nanjinger magazine. She is completing an MA in Teaching Writing at Johns Hopkins University and she works at BASIS International School. 


 Lori Fazzino



Lori Fazzino is a recovering academic turned kindergarten teacher, aspiring memoirist, and trauma poet. She is over enthusiastic about wine, KTV, and writing about her life. Formerly of Shanghai, Lori now resides in Ningbo and is Co-organizer of Inkwell Ningbo.


 Mary Whitsell 



Mary Whitsell is an American who has spent more than half her life overseas. She writes creative nonfiction, fiction (mainly middle grade and young adult), and poetry, and is currently working on a language learning memoir. She has published her work in both online and print journals. 

Online Workshop




Yashu is a writer and teacher from Shanghai and now lives in Tucson. As a memory hoarder, she finds creative nonfiction the best container of her love for people, places, and prosody. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, PRI’s The World, and Sixth Tone, among others. 


 Quentin Yang

What is it that appeals to me? I like questioning myself when I feel my heart smiling while writing. I enjoy an interesting idea suddenly popping up to me and I enjoy searching for words and putting them to the idea. Then I get something down on the paper, what that is to me, so is a newly-written score to a musician, a successfully-blended colour to a painter, a cake to a baker, whose icing has just been done. It’s as pleasant, as pretty, as sweet. I am Quentin, a lover of words, facilitating an Inkwell group in Sanya.


 Tiana Hennings



Originally from South Dakota, U.S.A., Tiana Hennings is a sketch comic and poet with experience in slam/performance poetry, sketch comedy, podcasting, acting, and international education. She enjoys hosting open mics and other events that bring the literary community together. You can find her sketch comedy on Instagram at @villaindreamskits.  


Fiction Workshop
& Sunday Scribbles

 宝拉·威利斯(Paula Willis)



Paula hails from the U.K. and can generally be found writing queer genre fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, and fairytales). They have had short stories published in anthologies and online magazines, and are working on editing a YA novel. They run Sunday Scribbles, a casual writing and meet-up session, as well as the Fiction workshop. 

Nonfiction Workshop




Natcher Pruett is a Shanghai-based educational consultant whose passions include theme parks, the Chinese box office, and writing about a range of topics including theme parks and the Chinese box office. He dabbles in fiction, poetry, and screenwriting and organizes Inkwell’s Creative Nonfiction workshop. 

Portrait by Ganlin

Poetry Workshop

 Jill Zheng

 Jill Zheng is a multimodal poet, who works with language as a primary material, oftentimes marrying modes of graphic arrangements, sound, image, translingualism, somatic experience, etc. Her works have appeared in POETRY magazine, LIFE magazine, Bat City Review, etc., and anthologized by streetcake experimental writing prize and Seeing in Tongue. She’s also collaborated with artists from all fields on multimedia performances, and guest-lectured at NYU. 

Poetry Discussion

 Dr. Rania Katavouta



Dr. Rania Katavouta is from Greece. She holds a doctorate in Modern Greek Poetry and she teacheslanguage and literature in Shanghai International Studies University. In 2019 she published her first poetry collection in Greek, named Ballarina mes sti nihta(Ballerina into the night), ed. Panoptikon. 

Reading Club

 Michelle Hu

 Michelle Hu has been attending the Reading Club since 2021 and considers the discussion sessions as one of her favorite social events in the city. She started hosting sessions in September, 2022 and looks forward to continuing exploring new texts by women writers with the group. Her favorite readings (so far) are “Journey Back to the Source” (2021) and “One Minus One” (2023).

Reading Club

 Zhou Sigong

Zhou Sigong (“Zhou” or “Joe”) is a proactive reader and freelance translator. Holding three degrees in humanities, Zhou is interested in the richness and profundity of texts in any forms, and it is also his passion to share the thrill of textual discovery with other dedicated readers.






Ender is a vagabond filmmaker, writer, and teacher with seven countries, thirteen films, and uncountable unproduced screenplays under his belt. He was born in Greenville, South Carolina, but found he hated small town American life and chose the expat life at the ripe old age of three. He currently resides with his camera in Shanghai, China. 


 帕蒂·麦卡品(Patti McAlpine)







 Simon Chiatante 





Simon Chiatante is a language teacher, translator and author of Floating Petals. He is currently a member of the editorial board of Fang Fei Poetry Society in Shanghai and collaborates with artists of all kinds, such as Chinese splash ink painter Zheng Taijun, music producers Deje and Odd Radio Circles and with the editorial board of Shenzhen Daily. 

Retreat Coordinator 

 Darcy Fisher




Darcy Fisher is a published poet in China and USA. She is actively involved in the literary and art scene in Shenzhen, China. Poetry is her passion. She writes to write, like we breathe air to live. 


 Sam Keir 




Sam Keir (he/him) is an writer, editor, and educator, but the order of these roles depends on the day of the week! He has published a number of short stories, and he enjoys engaging with the writing community online and at the monthly Inkwell fiction writing workshop he runs in Xiamen. Sam’s mission is to help more community members share their stories and have their voices heard.