Inkwell FAQs

So What Happens at an Inkwell Meeting?

If what you are going to an Inkwell workshop, then…

每次会议之前, there are generally a prompt for the next meeting. Use the prompts as a guide to help write a short story or essay or poem, which should hopefully be around 2000 words. Stories that are longer than this take a long time for readers to get through, and risk being skipped. Some Inkwells are more flexible with length, and I would encourage you to check with your local Inkwell leader.

Don’t worry if the story isn’t completely finished, or if your response doesn’t follow the prompt. Prompts are only there to challenge you and get you thinking about writing in a different way.

If you wrote a piece that you feel pretty strongly about that has nothing to do with the prompt for that meeting, post it anyway. Inkwell leaders appreciate new work from their writers.

Also, please read other work before meeting. This will make the discussion go much faster.

在每次会议上, we go over each piece with comments and feedback. Our primary purpose of feedback is to get writers to identify their strengths and weaknesses, with the goal of writing more compelling pieces. We like to keep feedback constructive, helpful, and honest. Keep an open mind to feedback, but also remember that writers are people with their own tastes. If you have any worries or preferences about your feedback, please talk to your local Inkwell leader.

There’s a WeChat group for every Inkwell that any member can add you to. Try to keep it about writing and Inkwell events. If it’s a long conversation, take it to a private chat.

Inkwell FAQs

What is Inkwell? 

We’re an organization dedicated to training writers of English language fiction, nonfiction, and poetry as well as developing a literary community that appreciates and studies literature.

How much does Inkwell cost?

Inkwell is completely free.  We do ask that you buy a drink if we’re at a venue to support our hosts, though.

How often does Inkwell meet? 

Each Inkwell meets on a different schedule. I’d suggest checking out the calendar to see when exactly your specific Inkwell is meeting.


You will need to register on the website by clicking the 在这里注册 button on the homepage. After your profile has been approved, you can see and post stories on the forum that is located on the MEETINGS tab.




Check the MEETINGS page for the latest thread. Upload your work to the “Submissions” thread.

Do I have to submit work to come to an Inkwell meeting? 



We ask that everyone who submits their stories for feedback read other people’s stories. You can of course come and listen to the discussion without reading or submitting, but without reading, you won’t know what’s going on.  


Do I have to attend to get feedback? 

We generally don’t give feedback for people who are not at workshop. We are working on an online workshop, but I’d just wait until something about that is posted on the official WeChat account.





We’re happy to give feedback on individual chapters within the word count (2,000 words), but  keep in mind that these chapters might rely on other chapters to give context. We’ve found that often times, authors that submit chapters of novels feel frustrated when readers don’t understand the story due to that missing context. 


Of course! Go to as many Inkwell events as you’d like.


Write, edit, submit, repeat. Keep doing this. Be prepared for many, many rejections. We keep a publishing wall on our meetings page to honor those writers that have been published as well as a list of current calls.


Getting published in today’s world is an incredibly difficult, time consuming process. Inkwell is immensely helpful for improving your writing, but can’t guarantee that you will ever published. 


We also suggest that you submit to 愿景, Inkwell’s literary journal.