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Join Inkwell’s Retreat, November 10-12, Seven Spots Left

This fall, November 10th-12th, Inkwell will be holding its seventh retreat at Oriental Land, located at the end of Line 17. This is Inkwell’s biggest event each year, and I always love the energy of seeing Inkwell gather together in one place. Plus, I wanted to build off the success of 2021’s retreat there. Oriental Land Park is a huge space with a…

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FAQs about Sunday Scribbles

So what is Sunday Scribbles? Sunday Scribbles is part of the Shanghai Writing Workshop. It’s a casual writing event, where we work on our own projects. Conveniently, being on Sunday, it lines up with submitting for some of our feedback workshops, which happen on Tuesdays. It’s a chance to get out of the house, grab…

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