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Inkwell Beijing

Inkwell expands to Beijing! As Inkwell continues to grow, we have decided to launch Inkwell Beijing. As an affiliate organization, they will be able to better serve the literary community of Beijing and continue Inkwell’s mission of creating better writers, developing a literary community, and offering educational and literary opportunities to both writers and the…

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Using Literature as a Springboard: Novel Craft and David Bradbury’s Harbor City Homicide

This is a craft essay from Inkwell fiction writer, David Bradbury on his process as a novel writer. I hope you’ll consider buying his newest book, Harbor City Homicide, which is available on Amazon. Hello Fellow Writers, Ryan has asked me to jot down my thoughts about the process of starting off with the idea for a…

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How We are Rohan

Nearly 20 years ago, I sat in a theater in Minnesota, a wide-eyed prepubescent, taking in The Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time. In the years that followed, I would go on to watch the films until I could quote them in my sleep, reread the trilogy, and dress up as a…

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