FAQ’s about the Shanghai Youth Writers Project

January 3, 2021 Off By Inkwell_Admin

What is the Youth Writers Project?

The Youth Writers Project of Shanghai is designed to inspire today’s high school students to explore the world of their imagination and subsequently improve their English reading and writing skills.

The Free workshops are designed to foster the creativity and enhance all aspects of young writers’ lives. Writers will hone their work and have the chance to meet other like-minded student writers. 

Workshops include exploring various genres as well as editing seminars and guest speakers.  We will also hold submission and contest workshops. 

Why did you decide to start this program?

One of the interesting facts I noticed about teaching English in China is that my students rarely have the opportunity to express their creative side in English. Taking my creative writing course allowed them a little more wiggle room to play with words, thoughts, and style without worrying about perfection.   I was thinking that it would be great if the dedicated writers in the group could have an outlet outside of school to nurture their craft and to develop in a safe environment.  So, I started a place for this to grow. 

What do you do at the meetings?

At our meetings, the kids get to know each other by discussing their own experiences with writing and what they are interested in learning. We do guided writing exercises and then they share their own work. During this time, we learn how to do critiquing. As the workshops grow and the kids let me know what their interests are, it will change and evolve accordingly.

How much is this amazing program? 

 It’s FREE!!

Who can join?   

Any high school student who can make it to the meeting.  

Where and When?

Currently, the meetings are held once a month at the SUIS Wanyuan Campus in Minhang. The rooms will be announced. Many students have asked for an online session as their class schedules are insanely busy not only during the week but also weekends. I am currently designing an online session. Our next in-person meeting will be held at Wanyuan campus in their ancient house, so it will be quite special for the December 24th meeting session. (1-3pm)

Can I get involved as a teacher?

I foresee many opportunities for the Shanghai Writing Workshop writers and teachers to become involved in helping these kids.   They seemed very excited when I mentioned that we would have editing seminars for their own work. Their eyes lit up!   So, yes, we will definitely need help!  Another way to help is spreading the word. I have a few high schools that disseminate information at their assemblies and during their own English classes. Hearing about it from teachers makes it a little more real to the kids.  It will take time, but as teachers and students get the word out, I see a great little community forming here. Please contact Ryan (Wechat ID is texaswriter) if you are a creative writing teacher.

Where do I see this going in the future?

I dream big for these guys.  I see literary events around the city to showcase their work.  I want to hold literary conferences at high schools to help teachers and students address their growing talent.  I am in the middle of planning our first showcase soon… stay tuned!  😊