L2 Creative Writing Listserv

The L2 Creative Writing Listserv is a simple idea to share information about the state of creative writing in China. This listserv is here to post information about:

  • Grant on creative writing
  • Career opportunities for creative writers
  • Residencies for creative writers
  • Publishing opportunities for creative writers
  • Offers of collaboration on creative writing projects or research initiatives
  • Upcoming conferences in creative writing
  • Calls for papers in creative writing, L2 Creative Writing, or writing pedagogy

This listserv is not for any of the following and violating these terms will result in your removal:

  • Hate speech or disrespect of any kind
  • Promotion of goods or services
  • Offers to sell members any goods or services
  • Off topic conversations

To join the L2 Creative Writing Listserv, please send an email to submissions[at]inkwell.asia and include your name, email you would like to use in the listserv, reason why you’re interested in the listserv, and if you would like every email or a weekly digest. If you have not heard back after a week, then you’re welcome to message us again.