Call for Work

Call for Work

The Shanghai Writing Workshop is starting its online and print literary journal, Visions. While not all the content will be about Shanghai or from Shanghai writers, we do hope that it will serve as a place for excellent literature to be read across China.

It is the hope of the workshop that this journal can serve as a place for excellent work to find a home and a place of reflection where writers can reflect on their craft and share their knowledge with others.

We accept submissions of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry as well as craft essays about writing. Please submit no more than two thousand words for fiction and non-fiction or three pages of poetry. Craft essays are more flexible.

All work will be published on both our website and through our wechat platform that reaches across China. We do our best to respond to work within two months. If published, then we ask for first rights to your piece. After publication, all rights return to the writer.

In addition to publishing first time work, we are also happy to republish exceptional work where the author still holds the copyright, If your piece was previously published, let us know where and we will mention it, and please make sure that as the writer you still hold the copyright.

We do not charge at all for submissions, but we are currently a non-paying market. We do hope to pay our writers as we grow, though.

Please send all work to, or you can upload your work here. Please add any bio or cover letter to your document that you’d like us to read to your document, but that isn’t required.

We look forward to reading your work.